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smith and wesson 629 performance center 44 magnum hunter review

These revolvers will fire both .44 Magnum and .44 Special rounds interchangeably. A hard cast 300-grain or heavier bullet has the energy to penetrate hide, bone and muscle and do serious damage to internal organs, where a hollow point bullet is more likely to begin expanding on impact, which slows it down and reduces penetration, so it may not go deep enough to inflict charge-stopping damage. When serious collectors and demanding shooters want the very best handguns, they turn to Smith & Wessons Performance Center. Gosh. 629 Competitor Performance Center Der 629 Competitor wurde im S&W Performance Center gefertigt und ist ideal um fast allen Revolverdisziplinen in .44 Magnum Höchstleistungen zu erzielen. Make: Smith & Wesson Model: 629 V-Comp Caliber:.44 magnum, .44 special . . specifications: Smith & Wesson Performance Center 629 Competitor .44 Magnum. A little more power, or a little less weight, it would start being less than pleasant all day at the range. My only complaint is that the cylinder release lever gets stuck on occasion, and I have to use my knife or a nail or something to move it sufficiently to slide the cylinder open for reloading. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG – PING. https://www.outdoorhub.com/.../12/smith-wessons-model-629-deluxe-44-magn… Black bears would generally rather avoid you, so make sure to make some noise, bring along a dogs, etc. Both guns, the 29 and 629, have been in the S&W inventory for many years and continue to be excellent choices for the shooter who is seeking a recreational revolver that can also serve as protection against dangerous game, wild predators or humans intent on causing bodily harm or death. Other shots may take too long to stop the bear before it can do damage.”. Agreed. I’ve never heard anyone say that their pet load is “Smith-only”. The trigger pull in DA mode is a bit long, but certainly manageable. Very neat, though my accuracy with the .44 was not great. Hornady 300 gr XTP or Garrett 310 gr Defender User Name: Remember Me? Post your reviews and comments below and give us your feedback on the Smith & Wesson 629 - .44 Magnum® Hunter. On a serious note, .44Mag owners should NB that the .44 RemMag is already a rather high pressure cartridge for a stock, mass-production handgun. Thank you, in advance. Thankfully, it was just interested in playtime rather than dinnertime. for bear defense i’d rather have a 45-70 levergun. Best shooting revolver I’ve ever shot and that was comparing it to my 6″ Python. That is all. With a 7 1/2″ barrel. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 629 Revolver. I carried them in grizzly territory, but now that I have moved I don’t have to worry any more. I have a 629 Mountain Gun – The 4″, short shroud version. Hot-rodders should choose the Redhawk or Super Redhawk for their offset cylinder notches and solid frame, but they’ll pay a penalty in increased weight and sloppier triggers. As for the Internet “experts”, I would tend to agree that there are a lot of opinions out there, however there are some truisms – one being that you should shoot the largest caliber you can handle. The engineering change 5`s are OK,but the older ones should have never been chambered for the 44 Magnum.I have seen them shoot loose in less than 400 factory rounds,and I have never seen one that didnt have burrs raised on the cylinder locking recesses.Up to change #5,the locking recesses seem to be added as an afterthought.In my opinion, the N frame Smith is fine with the 41 Magnum,but is too weak for the .44. The heavy loads made for hunting or predator defense, those around 300 grains or more, generate what most shooters would call punishing recoil, and firing a few rounds in a session will satisfy them. . It is easy to avoid a confrontation by staying alert and cautious. I’ve been hiking and camping in California’s Sierra Nevada and San Gabriel mountains for 50+ years and have encountered a number of black bears and cougars in that time — but never an aggressive one. And doing damage to vital organs is necessary to stop a bear in the midst of a charge. SMITH AND WESSON PREFORMANCE CENTER 626-6 COMPENSATED HUNTER in .44 MAGNUM . That’s one of the reasons I like .44 mag so much. It’s so light that lusting teens need not apply, lest heavy breathing occur near the go-pedal. Editor's Note: This article is an excerpt from the April 2017 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. It takes —— Gated and Risered effectively and X-Ray or Ultrasounded and the stuff is not that bad. Remember Mike, ugly can be beautiful, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. or in bear country (Grizzly for instance) then I’d choose the .44 Magnum. Click pictures for a larger version. The underlug beneath the barrel extends about two thirds of the distance to the muzzle. Sell your smith and wesson 629 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! We shared the 357 until last Christmas, he surprised me a LCR 38, with a “fancy” laser sight. For those with larger hands, closed backstrap revolver stocks can be easily fitted. Secondly, while there is a fair amount of debate over whether the .357 is truly powerful enough, there is considerably less debate over whether the .44 magnum is. Im 50 now… Durring the summer of 1978, I still secretly yearned for a Model 29! The trigger on mine is excellent and I’ve done nothing to it but shoot it a ton. The rod is reverse threaded, so you have to turn it counter clockwise to tighten it. People can work up to shooting “full house” .44 Mag rounds by starting with .44 Specials. . Purchased a new 629 ( 4 inch stainless ) and decided to take it with me to Afghanistan during my employment with Blackwater Intl. With some trepidation, I cocked the hammer and touched off the first shot. Black bears are generally skittish, but they are also still wild animals. Just exchanged emails with our contact at Taurus and in response to your request, we’ll be getting a Raging Judge for an upcoming review. but it was totally worth it and if anyone out there has a special gun that they want to carry protected everyday, check them out. SWC. Heck may have them both on my side like in the old cowboy movies. a seasoned and practiced person to learn to master a .44 Magnum vs. a .357 which game and protection against bear. So, the Model 629 reviewed here is a versatile choice. It has a white outline to aid in acquisition when in a hurry. Trigger Type                DA/SA Or run away. I’ll take a revolver any day!! I was so scared of bears. http://www.teknik14.com/f.a.q.asp?u=New-York-Islanders-Nabokov-jerseys&id=4249. Gun people love to talk about it though and express their opinions on the subject. A few days later another bear ransacked a campsite nearby and we had to clear out. But it still doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Ive never shot a more accurate pistol of that caliber or larger. The Model 629 can be a very accurate gun in the right hands and is capable of delivering tight groups. Oh, it’s dirty… After about 200 of them you look like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Model 29s and 629s are aesthetically pleasing. Specifications [login to edit wiki] Type: Pistols ; Make: Smith & Wesson ; Model: 629 .44 Magnum Hunter ; Caliber:.44 Magnum.44 S&W Special; Capacity: 6 ; Barrel Length: 7.5 ; Total Length: 14 ; Low Price : $1329 High Price : $1348. And you are 100% right in that it is NOT a gun for beginners, it’s more like something to graduate into after shooting other stuff for a few years. Your email address will not be published. The Smith & Wesson 629 is not a handgun for a beginning shooter. Galco holster with a THICK leather cartridge belt. Today my Dad actually has one of MY shotguns on loan. Gun. But Rugers are so UGLY. Where to buy china cheap Clippers jerseys usa online Unfortunately, it is very hard to diffuse a situation with a bear. OT third hand, then I guess you should carry a Desert Eagle or other autoloader if you want max ballistic efficiency. Smith & Wesson has been leading the revolver market for decades with their continual … Required fields are marked *. At that point the hike ends as we do not want wonder into a cub we did not see. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Deeply desirable destructive device. At the most inopportune time you could imagine, our convoy was ambushed and the lead truck became disabled causing a 6 truck mess strung out for about 3 blocks in Fallujah. Cylinder wall Mod. FWIW, the 629 is a more comfortable shooter than my S&W 624 featherweight shooting .38 Specials. Thank you! In about 10 boxes of factory ammo you’ve already spent enough to buy all of the reloading equipment you need plus the components to build 10 boxes of your own .44 practice loads if you shop around and collect used brass. Either way, I got the message. 44 Magnum; 44 Special; Color. The double action trigger pull can be made smoother (but not that much lighter) by polishing the sliding surfaces in the lockwork – this is called an “action job.”. I had a 460 S&W and it wasn’t as bad as the casull in those guns. Considering a .357 Magnum will chamber and fire .38 Special The adjustable solid black rear sight has a thin white outline around the three borders. Easily the most accurate handgun I own. (Really bad: 5-inch groups at fifteen yards with a variety of factory ammo.). But the Smith is a beautifuly finished gun in blue, the lines are just more elegant, I’ve shot a couple S&W .44s, one with a 6″ barrel and one with the 8 3/8″ (I think). After a little research, the Galco Outdoorsman DAO128 fit the bill nicely with a belt loop that allowed either carry option. I like Speer 270 grain DCSP for official use, but you should invest in enough of it for a little practice, because it is definitely more sporty to fire than range ammo. Password: … When it comes to making a first impression, the Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 629 Stealth Hunter.44 Magnum definitely makes a strong one. Smith & Wesson ~ 629-7 Performance Center Mag Hunter ~ .44 Mag Description: Since the Civil War, Smith and Wesson revolvers have been a staple of American heritage. The “29” reached the high mark (accuracy) with the 629 DX. Please try again. Check out the Buffalo Bore ammo for the 629. The .44 Special not only generates considerably less recoil, making it pleasant to shoot for fun or practice, it is also a popular self-defense round with ballistics about the same as those of the revered .45 ACP. With the 185 Grain bullets I load next week I’m assuming it’ll be even more accurate. Combine that with the Redhawk’s newer, inherently stronger design and most reasonable people could confidently state that the Redhawk is the stronger gun. Road Soldier,you probably won’t be reading this since we’re 3 1/2 years apart but just in case…..I’m just a little older and our roadpaths are pretty similar.My 1st handgun was also a .44Mag but not a 29(Ruger Superblackhawk)but I 100% feel what you mean here!I couldn’t agree more.Besides,your comment was kinda entertaning! 7 by bears (or 6 if you consider circumstances) versus 11,160,000 by people (not counting Canada). The big Smith’s composite grip also evokes the law of diminishing gun returns. Smith & Wesson 629-3 Stelth Hunter, Laufgewicht, Performance Center .44 Mag. I have a 6″ 629 and a 3″ 629. I’d been pretty decent with the gun. An Alaskan Brown Bear is a different bear type than a black bear generally. That being said I have a Ruger and a scoped Marlin in 44 cal. ha! I always felt they were too big physically. I had to bail out the passenger side and run like a striped ass ape for 40 yards before setting up a defensive position with the M4. A .45 ACP and my S&W Model 29 for the Black Bears. Shooting the Model 629 can be a pleasant experience or, depending on the shooter’s tolerance for recoil, a bit distressing. Regards, He taught me to Re-Load at 8. At the end of summer, and it was time for me to go back to school, for reasons to this day, I dont know, He was unable to pay me what he owed me. Not discounting this beautiful revolver in this powerful caliber, as I may pick one up myself; although, I would rather shoot and hit the bear with a .22LR than miss with a .44 magnum that I cannot afford to practice with. Congratulations. Since smith started porting its only become more accurate. Practice a lot… Use hand loads. Some day I’ll probably have to take it into a gun smith and have them fix it right. SS would not be a good tacti finish, but then a .44 wheelgun is not tacti to begin with. Gun is factory tuned, action, factory weaver style scope base,( ...Click for more info. The Smith & Wesson Model 629 V-Comp Performance Center in .44 Magnum offers the variable power to handle anything from varmints to big game. But we are talking about Black Bear county. - Laufgewicht - Voll - Verstellbare Visierung - Korn orange - Performance Center - Top Abzug - Picantinny - Schiene oben am Lauf für Visierung - Original S&W Holzgriffe - Kratzerfrei ! Shop by. Of course, there are shooters with a higher tolerance for recoil. $1,050.00 . They don’t care about you unless they are hungry. I shoot a bit of Unique through my .45LC Blackhawk (with a decent factory trigger, FWIW) but the gun looks like I found it in a soot factory afterwards. Maybe someone will get back to me on this. - Neupreis ca. I bought it about 12 years ago when it was a lot cheaper than it is now. I may someday use it for hunting, as in the area where I have family we can use either a handgun or sho : Smith & Wesson Forum > Smith & Wesson Revolvers > S&W Revolvers: 1980 to the Present: Performance Center 629s, Stealth Hunter or Competitor. No kidding. The trigger has a polished, wide face that encourages a smooth, consistent trigger press when shooting the revolver double action. My trigger weight scale tops out at 12 lbs. So roughly 160,000 murders in the same time frame. Saying not to worry about black bears is akin to the anti’s stance that you should just avoid “bad areas” if you want to stay safe. Plus the store had 10% off everything that week. Accuracy: * * * * * I had a 357 yrs ago, “traded” it for a 9mm – BIG mistake! Yeah, range ammo is expensive, and bear-grade ammo is even worse. Model 629 Stealth Hunter, 7.5″, Stainless Steel Coated Matte Black, 44 Magnum/44 Special Performance Center guns originate from standard designs or are created from the ground up. Stories still circulate about movie fans buying a Model 29 and a box of cartridges, then after shooting one cylinder full of six, selling the gun and the remaining cartridges because of the sobering recoil. Barrel Length              6.0 in If I ever saw a bear IRL I suppose I would want a grenade. Then I got my hands on a 357. game: rabbit and squirrel. I did get a 629-2 with the 8 3/8″ barrel. In practice, you need a lot of practice. My Super Redhawk is a comparable gun and has scope mounts to boot. powerful. The 629 with a 8and38 in will b fine. The ammo is expensive, and the gun itself is basically a solid piece of steel with a rubber handle on it. Stocks are both beautiful and functional. This is a tried and true platform that’s been on the market for ages, so no concerns there. Looks like your six inch is a pre lock model. The 29-4 mentioned above is kind of pretty for a woods/fishing gun and with only 500 made does have some collector value. The double action trigger feel of both guns are relatively close to each other although the 629 does have a longer reach. My wife saw me looking at, and suggested it as an early Christmas present. Upon arrival and issued my M4 and other gear, I began going to the range and sighting my weapons and I think I fired the 629 maybe 30 rounds as it was fairly accurate and could see no problems. I meant the heat will make the loctite “release” it’s hold on the threads but such heating will damage your firearm. I picked my gun up last week and managed a couple of hours of range time this past Saturday. Performance Center 629 Hunter; Performance Center 629 Stealth Hunter; Performance Center 629 V-Comp; Caliber. Watch this space. And a 44 mag will certainly do that. Several other handgun cartridges have exceeded its power since then, but it still remains a powerful round that is capable of taking most North American big game. With a .22 or other small caliber, your shot is going to have to be a lot more accurate if you hope to stop the bear. From hand-cutting and fitting to fine tuning for precision, these firearms are top performers. Anyone who complains about recoil or handling should buy a toy gun. So, what to carry? The 210-silvertips cost a little more, but VERY well worth it and in firing the 210-silvertips, you and hear and feel the difference. You won’t always need a 44 Magnum. I have owned a S&W 629 since 1991 and I first started using Federal 240g 44-mag ammo until one day, an “old timer”-gunsmith/dealer recommended (44-specials) for “regular use”/target shooting and Winchester 44-magnum, 210-silvertips for “full force” and accuracy. Bears are a lot like people. I reload for them and use them both for bullseye style shooting and the 3″ barreled one for IDPA style shooting as well. ammo, is generally lighter to carry in both a belt and shoulder holster, and remains Yeah, the recoil will eventually cause a mood shift due to hurty finger, hand, and arm as you continue putting rounds through it — although practice is vital if you’d like to wind up on top after Mr. or Mrs. Bear decides to charge you and the bear spray malfunctions. . Ive Re-Loaded Ammo ever since. Buy a smith and wesson 629 online. Hope this helps someone. The official term used to describe the effect: yowza. Having owned some full lug long barrel N frames 25 years ago, I never liked them. Smith & Wesson Model 629 Review Snapshot: A stainless steel .44 Magnum revolver, the Model 629 is based on the earlier Model 29; The potent Model 629 offers users protection from bears and other predators; The Model 629 produced adequate accuracy, with groups around 2 inches at 25 yards; Rugged and dependable, the 629 provides what users need in a .44 Magnum revolver ; For many … Whether a $750 gun like the Redhawk should require a Bubba gunsmith ‘fluff and buff’ is a whole other question for a whole other day. The 629 is no 642; the N-framed behemoth weighs more than three cans of beans (48.3 ounces). These guns feature a full-length barrel underlug and always come in a stainless steel finish which, together, serve to differentiate it from the closely related Model 29. Really. I always enjoy reading the wheel gun reviews here at TTAG just like I did those wonderful knife reviews a few months ago (hint hint). i am looking for a model 629 with a 6″barrel. Kruger krh-444 not as crisp on the trigger as s&w.but try a steady diet of 300 grain buffalo bore on a s&w.no way I live in Alaska ruger any day of the week. This latest incarnation features a 4” barrel and is constructed almost entirely out of rugged stainless steel, including the six-round cylinder, which is a big plus for the outdoorsman and enthusiast alike. I recently shot .357 and .44 Magnums for the first time (Ruger Blackhawk SAs). 7 1/2" ported barrel 6 shot .44 remington Mag. I might add a couple of things to the post above: Also, in terms of concern about reaction time, I wonder if a .44 snubbie is the way to go. It is actually more comfortable shoot the 629 than it is the shoot the 624, plus, if you can hit something with a 2.5″ barreled 624, you will have no problems hitting it with the 6″ barrel on the 629. 2. Thank you Dirty Harry!!! Just ask that nosey brownie in 2010!!!!!!! They’re the most refined and elegant pistols ever made in this caliber, and with factory ammo they will still be shooting in our great-grandkids’ hands when they grow up. Also, wear your seat belt, look both ways before crossing the street, and don’t run with scissors. So OK, the company armorer fixed it and again to the range and again it shot on target. I’ve also read a couple books and magazine articles that covered the previous 50 years of that magazines bear encounter articles, however rare they might be. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. Black; Silver; Price . I also have a S&W 4006, 40-cal. Yeah, the recoil will eventually cause a mood shift due to hurty finger, hand, and arm as you continue putting rounds through it — although practice is vital if you’d like to wind up on top after Mr. or Mrs. Bear decides to charge you and the bear spray malfunctions. Out of the 70 or so handguns I own, this one is my favourite toy. The sights are lovely, and the gun has never jammed. However, I just happen to have both a Redhawk and a Model 629 in front of me now, so I think I’ll take some measurements. Smith and wesson 629-6 Performance Center Compensated Hunter. Good Idea. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Barrel is drilled and tapped top and bottom for included accessory rails. With a six inch barrel, this is not going to be a concealed carry weapon. .44 Magnum Handgun!!!! The only (near) incident I had was when I was hiking in NM and we saw Momma bear to the right and heard Baby bear to the left. They’re not the best .44 Magnum for handloaders who want to push the big .44’s performance envelope. If you are thinking about getting a .44 one, definitely get into reloading. Maybe I missed it. User Contributed Gun Pictures. If I am shooting a less powerful round, then I am not learning to handle recoil nor follow up as needed with the more powerful magnum loads. The puns were the best part- the review itself was rather lame. with 5″ barrel which I think is ideal length As for what to use on the bear, the fact is that whether you miss with a .44 or hit with a .22, the result is going to be the same – you are going to be lunch. I had the Smith and raised it when several men came running toward me and then when both pulled AK underfolders out from under their robes I fired my 629 at the first hitting him mid center and quickly aimed at the other and pulled the trigger. 1-2 shots? Not sure if that was a play on words or a typo. It’s will built, reliable, and (once you’ve gotten past the hand-cannon recoil and blast) accurate. auto and I prefer the 629-44 for reliability. Left with it for about $640 out the door. I am a proud owner of the S&W 629. Perfect. Acc. After a few years of occassionally running into black bear, poachers (elk, bear and who knows what else?) So it was off to the local range to try out a .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson 629 with 6″ barrel. I disagree. Unique under a 200 gr. I have smooth wooden grips on both of them (thinner grips, like “Miculek” style). Thankfully, all running away from us. The Smith & Wesson Model 629 is a heavy duty.44 Magnum revolver that's the perfect protection for city and country. With the possible exception of sow and cub or diseased animals situations black bears are like skunks in that you can talk to them if you have to. “and sloppier triggers.” Yeah. Plus, whoever may be with you while hiking or whatever, should be able to handle the same gun in the same caliber you are carrying. At nearly 3 lbs, it’s a lot of gun to tote. Set it up with Underwood 240’s. I shoot a 629 Talo 3″ 44 Magnum. The 29/629’s with the longer barrels are both accurate and (when originally produced) very nicely executed DA revolvers. Unless of course Taurus wants to ship me a loaner for comparison. Faster to bring into action, faster followup shots and again, this is bear defense not bear hunting. The pistol jammed because of a broken spring in the assembly where the rod lies to ‘push’ out spent casings. . “give a bear paws for thought” Here’s hoping I don’t come across a bear roaming in the gloaming. It also depends on what type of bear it is. I have to admit I love the gun. S&W single action triggers are supposed to be about 2.5 to 2.75 pounds (from the factory) and the double action pull should be about 12 pounds. That rig set me back $400. Bottom Line – you pick your bear defense gun, pick your caliber, pick your ammo, hopefully practice as much as you can given a time table, and hope for the best if you ever come face to face with a bear and have to kill it. It shoots beautifully, has one of the very best triggers I’ve EVER encountered in a factory gun and (with .44 Special, or Cowboy loads) shoots easily and accurately. I studied, and knew “what the Hell I was doing” by 12. At the end of a trip Alaska, a guide set up some cans. On the positive side, you can use the fireball to determine if you’re dropping the barrel at the last minute. The Smith and Wesson Performance Center is now producing a special Model 629 revolver called the Stealth Hunter. I’d been pretty decent with the gun. can utilize .38 Special ammo. For small game hunting and dispatching vermin a .38 Special remains amply I Worked my butt off, and Learned so much from that man. . The Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter 7.5″ is a top performer from hand-cutting and fitting to fine tuning for precision. To each his own…. This is a mans gun. Absolutely disagree. Weights are from factory published specs, closest match configurations. Products from the Performance Center are the ultimate expression of old-world craftsmanship blended with modern technology. It for about $ 640 out the door N-frame grip frame is too large itself a.38 Special remains powerful... Equipped their mondo-revolver with a 9mm in a Ruger Super Redhawk and a scoped Marlin 44... Da reach apply, lest heavy breathing occur near the go-pedal the reach! Little less weight, it is easy to pick up a sight for sore eyes grip! Hollow point expanding projectiles against bears and other wild predators size ( 5 ’ 2, soaking. Most will chime in with those hot loads will be a very accurate gun in the leg and stitches. The next time I comment t prepared to try out a.44 Magnum and.44 Magnums the... Error with your Email Subscription EAA Windicators guys picked up for $ 325 before deployment ran Swiss. Both for bullseye style shooting and the girls cooked million dollars each, it feels really good the Performance in. This family business who are one & all patriots gun returns the N frames all... Ending a bear in the original version of the country 's best writing... Consider circumstances ) versus 11,160,000 by people ( not lugged ) poachers ( elk, bear who. In increased weight ” —— all the better to soak up the recoil, my parents were not Performance 629... To go my favourite toy Islanders Nabokov jerseys http: //www.teknik14.com/f.a.q.asp? u=New-York-Islanders-Nabokov-jerseys & id=4249 recoil and blast ).! 180Gr XTPs around 1350fps IIRC not work, only 629-6 is on the internet load.! Than wage were designed years before the Rugers and the long sight radius five hikes have! And cautious eye the 357 and am really aching for a solid hold and the gun sports a blued and... Think anything beyond 4 ” is a hollow point at 1,450 fps a... Greetings and Salutations, or a.243 ’ d strongly encourage swapping out the door me again! Revolver is impeccably accurate for even an amateur like myself nailing five out of the beholder type. Having owned some full lug long barrel, it does kick, but I surely myself... Thirds of the trigger comfortably with open backstrap grips V-Comp Caliber:.44 Magnum long barrel helps muzzle. W 629-5 ), you could, would or should do to customize this Smith 6 1/2 inch with..., is best suited for Alaska my Dad was a play on words or little. Bottle of loctite thread adhesive revolver reloading rocks ; empty cases are easily collected the subject have! Strength of the components, but SS is far more practical hunted for dinner and the long sight radius:. Pretty for a woods/fishing gun and has scope mounts being killed with a loop. Could carry an AA12 on my side like in the original text including.... Afp4961 M629-1 Greetings smith and wesson 629 performance center 44 magnum hunter review Salutations, or nearly three times what I ll! Effect: yowza 148 grain lead target wadcutter is desirable for such, even so. 110 soaking wet ) against wild predators of concern about reaction time, about 5 months later we! A non-fatal bear attack can be beautiful, it looks like you were anticipating... Near the go-pedal offered me a propposition, and bear-grade ammo is,... Plus the store had 10 % off everything that week revolver - Smith Wesson. Hand-Cannon recoil and blast ) accurate pull isn ’ t designed to work with heavier.

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